OMARE is a family business, created in 1984 and dedicated exclusively to offering the best solutions for the supply of protective equipment to professionals. Since the beginning of the company, we have specialized in the hand protection industry, this being the main axis of activity on which we have built our vision, mission and values.

We have wide ranges of products to adapt to the specific needs of each sector, being the health and industrial sectors our main areas of activity.
Our most immediate goal is the development of new models of gloves, even more ergonomic, that allow each job to be carried out in a safer, more comfortable and efficient way.
At OMARE we protect those who protect us.

In our laboratory we control the quality of our products, complying with a rigorous control and traceability from their manufacture until we put it in the hands of the client.


Our quality management policy is aimed at guaranteeing compliance with current regulations for all the products we sell, being the close collaboration between our team of professionals and the different notified bodies with which we work. Our fundamental pillar is the trust that our customers place on us..

We have an integrated quality management system, certified under the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, which helps us to continuously manage and control the quality of all our processes.

In OMARE we have “Operating License for the installation of Medical Devices with own activity of Manufactured and Import” and “Sanitary registration for storage of products intended to come into contact with food”.


The headquarters of OMARE is located in the southeast of Spain and we have facilities of 12,000 m2 (14351.88 Square yards).

Following our vision of the future and philosophy of continuous improvement, we have implemented the best management systems in the different departments that make up our company.
Our warehouses have an integrated management software, to be able to optimize each movement and thus control in a more meticulous way the traceability of each of our products.

The incorporation of the latest technological advances in our management systems, allows us to control our internal processes with the highest demand and is part of our goal to improve every day, thus minimizing human errors so that customer service is optimal.

Our factory consists of several production lines, packaging and warehouses. The production plant has an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 24 million pairs of chemical and biological protective gloves.

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