Biodegradable Powder Free Nitrile Exam Luna Glove

At Omare we are committed to sustainability and the environment. Continuing with our philosophy of innovation and product development, we present a sustainable alternative with the new model of BIO POWDER FREE NITRILE LUNA glove.

This glove is composed of an organic additive, used to accelerate its biodegradation rate in biologically active and aerobic landfills.

The BIO NITRILE LUNA glove, manufactured with BDG technology, maintains the highest performance for the protection of the user while fulfilling a function of great ecological importance to improve the future of our ecosystem.


The use of biodegradable gloves favors the protection of the environment, reducing the generation of waste due to the high degree of degradability of the glove and minimizing their impact on nature.

Gloves recommended for medical and food use. Use glove dual, PPE category III and medical device Class I.

Protect your hands by protecting the planet.

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